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" I am the Master, thou art the Holy Chosen One.''

-AL. II. 6 5


Existing without form or identity, the light from single star is cast into the vast void of Space.

1. This is the Beginning, the Journey and the Ending in Joy (IOI) and Sorrow.

2. Unto the Hawk's flight is cast the light of gold and the Sixfold Flower unfolds from the depths of a Beast's Heart.

3. The Emanations are of 3 and 1 whose mysteries are of the 13 and 31; the Zos and Kia , the beginning and ending of ALL that was and is, the Cycle of God and Wheel of Ages. 10 PAN. 1-3-1.

4. And the Twin Faces blaze in front of me and within me as a two-headed Serpent and I am destroyed. The Abyss, Annihilation; AMN.

5. The Light descends unto the Hawk of Flame. From there to the Earth and her Daughter; the MA and DA. The birthless Idolatrous MA- DA-NA who is childless Whore of the Lion-Serpent and Rider of the Beast.

6. The Seeds are there awoken and I stretch forth into the infinite void about me and there is a STAR.

7. The Union and ecstasy of the One dive into that which can not be described. The Spiral is the Union as the Motion is the Synthesis, the Pattern is simple, the Cycles are endless.

8. The Height and Beauty of the Universe am I and my eyes fly upon butterfly wings, the glint of my eye is the Serpent's.

9. The Sister entwines incestuously about the Mother and I am Nowhere, lover of both and None.

I knows I

And Union is begun.

10. The Dance becomes the Run becomes the Walk becomes the Movement of Creation, no matter how small. Let all be ART, thus you shall find the 4 Pillars of Stone and sanctuary in the arms of Sphinx.

11. Of the Demon lot nothing be said, his medium a defilement of matter, his Union a bliss most deliciously evil. Silence is the key to his temple, Laughter his banishing convocation, and Unity; = 666

The Alkhemical Gold extracted from filth.

The Serpent is therein, Dragon of Amenta and the splenderous cells of ill-us-ion and malediction.

This is a later writing, being KNOWLEDGE.

12. And begetting and manifesting unto the Light and Dark I join my Phallos and Heart unto my Eye and behold the Joy and Dissolution. Thus may I be a crown of flowers, scarlet and golden in the sunset, upon HER brow.

13. And my birth was in the primal jungle amidst the baying of wolves- drums echoed over the swamps and oceans.

14. In the 3 is 1, and 1 is divided by the Arrow of the 3, sundering the darkness of the void and creating LIFE.

15. ANDRO-MEDA. medium of Man, source of all emanations; Wheel of Wheels; my Balance, my Maat and Karma-brother/sister. ANDROGYNE

16. Down a triple-chambered hall I stumble, the Light of A Moon filling the mirrored chambers of the hive; the Labyrinth- the tunnels sundered from darkness by the Double-headed Axe of Light. And the Goddess laughed at the dividing and cried at the Union and I am the Third; a Hawk is my Ka.

17. And the One is the Center and the Laughter, Love and Life in whose Union I rejoice; the Sun of my Universe, thy name when the Whore dances away; the Hawk of Blood soars into a jade sky.

18. The Cry of Hawk and Vulture echo from my throat as the Will and Love of the Secret Heart playing within his Bride; the Spiral in, the Spiral out.

19. And I have been given the Tablets of Eye and Feather, bound about by the Emerald Snake with ruby eyes. I have placed them within the Inner Shrine and we are the 3 who are 1. Set in the anger, the hate, the back-lash of the Joyous Serpents' escape from the cold Egg, now useless; As the Butterfly escapes from it's Death to rise to the Star.

20. I am the Link of Ages, All I am dances as 3 and 1 and these are Time and the Cessation of Time; the completion of the Dance of PAN.

21. And nothing is changed, nothing brought up or laid low; it is only the falling away of the Veil of Ill-us-ion and the dance of Ba-Bal-On about the Horned Lord.

22. And I beheld the Light and united with it and it spoke as a Double-Wanded Dancer in the Pyramid upon the endless plain of sand under a Black Sun.

23. And ART is NIGHT, N.O.X utterance of the Third unto the Hosts of the God.

The Sundering Is the Unity and the Logos is the Aeon and the Mask of the Lion-Serpent.

Black Pan, Ember eyes

Stands upon the Blasted Tower

And plays his pipes.

" I am alone; there is no God where I am. "


By the hand of my Angel;
An offering unto my Angel;
AUGUST 8, 1979. Full Moon.
By my Seal;




"I am the master, thou art the Holy Chosen one. " - AL.II.65

I have been blessed with the contact of my Angel. AL.II.65 ; 65 signifying ADONI or the H.G.A., thus reflecting the nature of the second book of AL; Hadit. This quote is also the 131st verse in AL.

0. ALONE = Aleph + Lamed + Ayin + Nun + He = 156

Pleroma and the motion caused by the 'one star'; Sothis or the Hidden God.

VOID = Vau + Ayin + Yod + Daleth = 90 (Tzaddi)

1. The nature of the universe as 2 = 0 is revealed along with the twin masks of existence.

JOY = Yod + Ayin + Yod = 90

2. The emanations of Tiphareth are awakened in the adept and the KA soars from Malkuth (Baphomet) up the Tree of Life.

BEAST = Beth + He + Aleph + Samech + Teth = 77

3. Tiphereth is the only Sphere to receive three 'rays' directly from the Supernals. This triangle-image received (see next page) was given unto the adept before this Liber and forms the basis and trigger for this transmission. This "pre-transmission" is at the end of this comment. 13 is the 'unity into the trinity' (AChd = 13) 31 is the 'trinity again becoming one'. (AL, LA, KIA, YeZDI all = 31) The expansion of creation, the contraction of unification. There is also a connection between 131 and 13,31. ZOS and KIA refer to the play of the body and eye, the evolutionary dance about the Wheel whose circle is ZOS and hub is KIA.

WHEEL = Vau + He + He + He + Lamed = 51 (Maat = 51)

4. Putrifaction before dissolution, the shedding of tired beliefs from the Old Aeon. The "lurker on the threshold". The unity manifests division as it's shadow. (Thaumiel the double-headed, qlipoth of Kether) AMN (Amen) refers to the END of the old Aeon and the personal division in the adept. (or at least the beginning of this)

AMN = Aleph + Mem + Nun = 91 (OAK and MAN = 91)

Fool (Ka) Hanged-man (trials) Death (dissolution)

5. See previous triangle diagram. The power descends from Sothis to the mask of the 'solar engine', this Aeon ; Heru. From there it radiated to Earth/Moon. Next is a discussion on the unity of the primal Mother/Daughter, Demeter and Persephone, Earth/Moon who is Babalon in unity. The Great Mother (56) + Moon Center (100) = 156.

MA-DA = Mem + Aleph , + Daleth + Aleph = 46 (number of chromosomes)


The seed-life climbs the D.N.A. program and instinctively reaches back towards the Source ; Sothis. There is a universal pattern, the archetypal D.N.A., the primal imprint upon which every permutation of life is patterned, though the variables are endless in evolution.

8. The Ka, Ba and Kundalini are united in the exaltation of the Angel; the Butterfly and Snake united! These are ancient symbols of the mysteries,

Height = Space, Beauty = Time. FLY = Vau,+ Lamed + Yod = 46 (chromosomes)

9. The adept must fulfil all archetypal roles; Son/Lover/Father and the final or Baphometic formula; "Self Love". (see Spare's works) This verse also shows how the adept is emeshed within the cycles and energies of the Earth and the Moon.

10. Every action is ritual by the Hidden God unto Nuit. This is revealed in the word given unto the adept by his Angel; ART = Aleph + Resh + Teth= 210

The pillars are the root of the magickal universe, the SPHINX.

(see the SPHINX formula, Liber Aleph)

11. This pertains to the Abyss and 333, it is self explanatory. Daath= knowlege; a further communication along these lines is promised later.

SILENT = Samech + Yod + Lamed + He + Nun + Tau = 555 (Hadit in full)

12. Phallos Heart Eye

Agape /Thelem/ H.G.A.

Yesod /Tiphereth/ Kether

Set /Horus /Heru Ra Ha

Sulpher/ Salt/ Mercury .....................(ETC.)

The Arrow of Desire is shot by Hadit unto Nuit; the adepts KA an offering unto HER = He + He + Rash = 210 . This is also a teaching on Kundalini.

13. From the depths of Aeons past atavistic memories occur; the earliest recollections of the first life to the end of all life, each adept has the universal Collective subconscious' at his call.

14. The double helix of D.N.A. is split, the barrenness of the void is split with the unique motion of reproduction. The triangle-image previously mentioned is seen as an 'arrow-head'.

LIFe = Lamed + Yod + Vau = 46 (chromosomes; 2 strands of 233)

15. The source of all emanations, 'above and below', are revealed; the formula is Baphomet and is the completion of 418 in the Aeon to-come. Andro = 'man' in greek, Gyne = 'female in greek, thus;

ANDROGYNE = Aleph + Nun + Daleth +Resh + Ayin + Gimel +Yod +Nun +He= 393

1 50 4 200 70 3 10 50 5

(393 = 131 x 3) (Reflection = 393)

16. The Kalas-paths and the tunnels are given unto the adept by NU, 'she-who-divides from-naught'. Her joy is division and dissolution and there are no sorrows in this. I am her child, the player of her game; Heru. This verse reveals a moment a-float beyond time, exploring that crack. Also a possible reference to the path of the High Priestess from Tiphereth to Kether over the Abyss.

17. The joy of IAF and the proximity of union is stated. A mystery is revealed; BABALON (156) taken from the Sun (Resh, 200) = 44, a four fold number of Heru. (see Mass of the Phoenix) (DM ('blood') also = 44)

18. Horus and Mast propel the adept as Hadit within Nuit. Thus do force (Horus) and balance (Maat) guide the flight of the adept on his spiral course. The spiral is the mode of energy, all space is curved. (see the Oracles of Zoroaster and Einstein)

19. This concerns the double current uniting Hadit. The Eye is Horus, the Feather is Maat, the tablets their respective holy books and/or works produced by/for this current by the adept. The serpent that unites them is Hadit. This complex has been enshrined in ART and in the inner self of the adept. In fulfillment they are ALL or Pan and the Androgyne-center of the triangle.

For every forward action there is and equal and opposite backwards reaction. This also refers to the Kundalini.

20. I am the sum of all my forefathers and my future descendents; they are all incorporated in my SELF.

3 = Binah (Saturn) = Time (Ychronos)

1 = Kether (Pluto and beyond) = non-Time (Cthonos)

31 = AL = God - creation = Time or LA = Nothingness = dissolution;

The END of all Aeons, In the beginning PAN, PAN in the end.

21. This transmission is itself illusion, nothing has changed but the perspective of the adept; the STAR. Reality is perceived as the play of Pan and Babalon.

22. The-mystery of the Double Wanded One Coph Nia (QNA " 151) and the double helix of LIFe (D.N.A. = 55) are one mystery whose number is 418. A reference is made to the seat of this mystery; Binah.

( see H.M.L. paper 'on Heru Ra Ha')

LIGHT = Lamed + Yod + Gimel + He + Teth (30 +10 +3 +5 +9) = 57 (56 + 1)

23. As mentioned; ART = 210 ; N.O.X = 210 , HER = 210 or;

ART= Fool + Sun + Lust = 210
NOX = Death + Devil + Star = 210
HER = Star + Star +  Sun = 210

The unity of the three formulas on the path for attainment are revealed as the light and dark forms of the adepts Angel AND the unity into the center-Bindu which is beyond.

Each Angel, when manifesting, IS the Aeon he/she is working in at the time. (this manifestation is hopefully free of ego) This Aeon (now) the 'mask' or 'Logos' is Horus.

The illusions of Maya, even if only for a moment, have been shattered for the adept and he is ALONE, as is every GOD. He becomes, at the end, one God and this is his God; PAN.


The Comment is complete by my hand
and that of my Angel . 131.



And this is the triangle;

The emanations are birthed from the Goddess of Shadow as a child of dawn, pale and silent; upon her volcanic throne is uttered LOGOS unto the blazing sun which is the source of all energy, Ra Hoor Khuit, and thy Tree of Life and Death, Father of All.

Unto the Earth Mother is the LOGOS repeated and the convoluted seeds planted of Sothis become beings. They aspire to Godhead and do strech forth their hands and pluck the gold and silver fruit from the World Tree.

Then shall they be of Sothis and the triangle be complete.

In the center is the Eye, it is white with the brilliance of countless stars whirling about and invisible center.

It is the birth-place of suns and men have named her


And in the end the Cycle shall be still and all the voices raised unto a single sound.

July 31, 79
Precursor to L. H.Ch.0