Apple Love Spell

You will need: One apple Twist the stem of an apple. On each rotation call out a letter of the alphabet. Begin with A. The letter you call out as the stem comes off will be the initial of your true lo...

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Love Me Forever Spell

Love is as fickle as a cat. You’ve got a hot love going — adoration, great times, maybe even a bit of (gasp!) commitment! Things are going grandly and will probably continue to do so. But...

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To Catch the Eye of Another

You can’t keep your eyes off him, so why doesn’t he glance back at you? You are royal and deserving! He should at least have the decency to return the look — and then some! This...

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Hot Damn Spell

Unforgettable, that’s what you are … hotter than blue blazes and steam heat. Slowly you enter the party and everyone’s mouths drop open. The guests whisper to each other, “Who...

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