money spells

Spring Tree Money Spell

Get a small tree to plant, a Birch tree or an Oak is best. Take a silver coin you have been carrying for at least a week and, on a full moon in the spring, plant the tree and put the coin among the ro...

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Tossing a Coin in Water for Luck

It is a tradition in many parts of the world to toss a coin in a well, brook or sea for luck. Here are three traditional rymes to use to get what you wish for. I THROW A COIN INTO A WELL SOON MY LUCK...

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Graveyard Spell for a Fortune

At midnight go to a graveyard and find the grave of a very rich person. Leave a silver coin upon the grave saying three times: I LEAVE A COIN UPON THIS GRAVE SOON I WILL A FORTUNE SAVE ! Then thank th...

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