She is the Great Mother, the personification of all nature and
the supreme consciousness that is Nature which is aware. In the past she
was the great Earth Mother supreme in Greek mythology. Called Gaia, (or
Gaea) which means ‘broad bosomed,’ she was given, in Greek, such titles as
Great Mother, Universal Mother, Mother Earth, Primeval Prophetess, Earth
Deity and on and on. Her chief areas of power are motherhood, fertility,
agriculture, marriage, prosperity and healing. She is the Goddess of the
Garden, Home and all Earthy things! Gaia will give you a feeling of
belonging and being one with the Earth. Gaia is a Bernkeinstock, Organic
food loving, save the planet type of gal. In fact the Goddess Gaia is the
ultimate hippie.


In Greek history she is described as the ‘primal mother of the
gods,’ the first mother before all other deities whose origins are lost in
time. Her familiar was the sacred snake which emerges from the earth with
messages from the mother.

Gaia has survived from a much earlier pantheon of gods as is
evidenced by the creation myths surrounding her. In the beginning were chaos
and Gaia, Gaia alone gave birth to Uranus, the sky, and then together they
bred the twelve titans, these ancient gods, later mostly superseded by the
Olympian gods, were still said to be the originators of humankind and the
inventors of the arts and magick.

And so the Great Mother Gaia seems as if she is reawakening in
the human consciousness. We call on her to empower us to as a Power of the
Earth, to help Protect out home and to make our gardens and all green areas
fertile and prosperous!. May her glory expand and may she increase our
consciousness of the Earth!

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