Isis was and still is one of the most popular and most
worshipped Goddesses in the world. She is known as the Mistress of Magic and
the Lady of Psychic Powers and Divination! Call upon her powers if you want
to develop your inner psychic abilities, cast spells or do any sort of
divination or fortune telling!

Her origins date far back into Egyptian history and from the earliest
dynasties of the old kingdom she was revered and worshipped. She has been
called the queen of heaven, the mother of all the gods, the savioress of all
mankind, the mother of mysteries, the queen of the dead, the mistress of
magick, sorceress, the bearer of wings, the lady of the red apparel, queen
of the crowns of South and North (kingdoms), ‘one superior to whom the gods
can not be,’ mighty one of enchantments, form of the words of power, mother
of the horizon of heaven, revealer of the mysteries of the stars and many


She was always important but rose to become the most popular
Goddess of the ancient world during the late kingdom, the rise of imperial
Greece and, later, throughout the expansion of the Roman empire. During the
late kingdom the god Osiris and his cult became the most popular religious
movement in Egypt and Isis, as his wife and as the mother of Horus, his son
(the pharaoh,) became widely venerated. Later the mystery cults of Isis
spread throughout the Greek and Roman empires and such greats as Plato,
Aristotle and Herodatus were initiated and wrote extensively about the power
of her magickal abilities.

Over the centuries Isis absorbed the powers and identities of a
number of lesser Goddesses and so became so multi-faceted that she literally
was every Goddess. Maiden, mother, crone; she hid every form of women behind
her veil. Her aspect as the Goddess of mysteries has been preserved and
handed down to us today as the high priestess card of the tarot. A look at
this trump will show you Isis the queen of magick and Goddess of heaven. She
is often depicted in Egyptian art in many basic forms. She is pictured as a
beautiful Goddess wearing the crowns of the Northern and Southern Egyptian
kingdoms. She is often seen wearing the horned crown of Hathor with the
solar disc between the horns. Sometimes she is shown wearing the single
feather of the Goddess Maat and sometimes she wears the uraeus, the serpent

The most common symbol seen on the head of Isis is the throne.
This is actually the glyph for her name and in many ways reveals the essence
of her power. She literally was the throne upon which sat the pharaoh and
spiritually represents the basis of all spiritual power. She often holds a
papyrus scepter and/ or a thet; this is a looped buckle or belt that
signifies cycles, rebirth and the womb.

In all myths, Isis is always the pivot about which all the gods
circle. Everyone has probably heard the myth of Osiris, how his brother set
coveted his throne and tricked him into trying out a coffin and then tossed
him into the Nile river. Isis found the body and so set took it back and cut
it into many pieces and scattered it. Isis in mourning set out and covered
the earth seeking for the pieces of Osiris. She assembled these pieces
together, all but the phallus which had been devoured by a crocodile, and
then using the magick formulae of life (given to her by Thoth or Ra) she
fashioned a new phallus for her husband and brought him back to life. She
then mated with him and become pregnant with Horus. Osiris faded to the
underground where he reigns forever as the lord of the dead. Isis then
wandered across Egypt and was refused entrance to a house when she was in
labor. She had to give birth with the animals in a manger, sound familiar?
Isis then hid in the swamp after giving birth because set sought to kill her
child. She suckled and raised her child until he was old enough to fight
set. He did so and won, thus her husband, her son and her all become the
redeemers of the universe. She reigns in amenta (the underworld) with
Osiris, she is the Great Mother Goddess of all nature on earth and she is
the reigning Goddess of heaven as well.

May mother Isis initiate, bless and empower our for psychic
powers, our magick and our spiritual and undertakings as we seek to grow and
to part the veil of the Mysteries!


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