Need some aggressive energy in your life? You need a kick-ass
Goddess like Morrigan. She is the tough Warrior Goddess who helps you whup
butt on the playing field, in the corporate world and in your personal life.
Call her the goddess of personal power!

The Morrigan is the greatest Goddess figure of old Irish mythology and her
name means ‘great queen’. Later forms include the famous Morgan Le Fay of
Arthurian romance, as well as Fata Morgana, the queen of the fairie realms.
She has many names and many forms, and not infrequently appears as a triad,
the triple Goddess incarnate; or even in nine-fold form. Her nature,
however, is most often dual, as a figure of both war and bold sexuality, a
taker and a giver of life, both dark and bright in one form.

the_beguiling_of_merlin_Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Appearing most frequently as a Goddess of battle, her alter egos
are Macha, ‘great queen of phantoms’, Nemhain or ‘frenzy’, and Badb, ‘crow,
raven’ or perhaps ‘boiling’. The ravens and other carrion birds who would
congregate over ancient battlefields were often seen as the dark forms or
messengers of the Goddess, similar to the Norse valkyries or battle-maidens
of Viking myth, who likewise appeared in groups of three or nine.

Morrigan features prominently in the epic tale of Cuchulain,
and her archetype survived as queen of the faerie realms, and later as the
tragic sister of king Arthur. In this chapter we call upon her proud and
noble energies to make us stronger, tougher and more self confident. Truly
the Way of the Warrior is important for each of us in this world today.
Morrigan is not the goddess of destruction and killing only, though that is
part of her power. She is also the goddess of focused power, protecting the
weak, defending those who need it and defeating oppression, especially
against women!

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