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Below are some classes taught by Sophia in the past.  For a list of current classes and how to participate in them, please see the Upcoming Events page.



Are you sick of people walking off with your office supplies? Wouldn’t it
be great if you could walk into your workplace and have everything just the
way you wanted it to be: a better boss, a computer that doesn’t crash, a
generous raise, and skyrocketing profits? In this seminar you will find the means to create a magically better work environment for yourself using empowering spells and hexes such as these: The R E S P E C T Spell, Psycho Temp from Hell Hex, The Really Stupid Customer Hex, Pay Raise Power Spell, Office Romance Spell. Let the author show you how these kinds of spells are done, and it is fun. Will these spells work? There’s only one way to find out!  Remember, work hard! Play hard! Spell hard!

Featuring the Sophia Deck

Fortune telling with playing cards has been done for centuries, but it has generally been forgotten, until now. This lost art was handed down in Sophia’s family for generations and recently she wrote it down for everyone in her book FORTUNE TELLING WITH PLAYING CARDS. Now, for the first time, a deck of playing cards has been created specifically for fortune telling; THE SOPHIA DECK. Come and learn the basics of Cartomancy and especially how to use the Sophia Deck for better, fuller and more intense readings. Sophia will teach all participants how to use a deck of playing cards, especially the Sophia Deck, to open a door to a new universe of understanding and magic. Aside from divination, the uses of the cards for spells and meditations will be discussed.

Some people think you need all kinds of herbs, tools, books and so on to cast spells, to ask the universe for special things; Not true! Do you have a deck of playing cards around? Then you are all set to make magick! Sophia will show you how to turn that poker deck into a powerful tool to get what you need. Why gamble when you can bet on a sure thing? Some of spells presented here are described in her new book, Fortune telling With Playing Cards and one was even demonstrated on Northwest Afternoon (KOMO TV) but several will be presented here for the first time!
2 day class- Intensive

(Using Sophia’s Fortune telling Kit)


Long before they were used to play games, decks of cards were used to read the future and to make magick! Today every home has at least one deck lying around. Now through a proven formula handed down through four generations of card readers you can transform your ordinary deck into a powerful tool of divination and of granting desires. This easy how-to workshop demystifies the ancient art of cartomancy. Come and learn how to tell fortunes quickly and easily for yourself and your friends! Also learn how to use the cards to help yourself and draw prosperity and love to you! The material in this workshop is taken from Sophia’s recently published book Fortune Telling With Playing Cards  (Llewellyn Publishing, 1996) Come and get a thorough understanding of this ancient yet easy to use system! Each participant will be given readings by the end of the two-day class.

Each participant will also get A COPY OF THE BOOK AS PART OF THE CLASS!

The altar in every faith is the place where we meet and honor the divine, no matter what form it may take in our lives. Creating one’s own altar is very important because it invites the divine into the home, it makes your personal space sacred and so fills your whole life with energy and power. Because one’s altar is the reflection of his or her inner being, each will be different, yet there are basic guidelines that will make the personal altar more powerful, more centered and more effective. Sophia will discuss a wide variety of altars she has seen around the world and then she will explain and demonstrate the variety of elements that go into making a true personal altar of spirit and power.

The Power of Vibration Energy

In the beginning was the Primal Sound, so begins many holy books and creation myths. Most ancient cultures recognized the power of sounds and vibrations to affect people, animals, the world and our inner Selves. In fact, every God and Goddess is said to reside within a seed sound, a primal vibration that unlocks that hidden power within us that corresponds to that divine force. Many cultures lost this wisdom, but not the ancient Hindus and Tantriks of India. This demonstration will explain several; mantras, how to say them and then go on to show the power of mantras within the class.


The centers of energy on our body, called ‘chakras’, are the keys to all energy-work that we want to do, whatever it is. When these centers become unbalanced or blocked, then unhappiness and illness occurs. By becoming aware of these centers of light, parts of the ‘body of light’ that surrounds us, we can channel energy to and through them and so accomplish almost anything we want to. Come and learn about the chakras on the body of light , how to ‘clear’ them and then how to use then to gain better health and happiness.


One of the easiest yet most effective spiritual practices that Sophia was taught by her grandparents was how to use simple herbal teas to change things for the better. Come and learn about the power of simple yet amazing teas, how they work, which teas can be used for which purposes and how to prepare your tea in a special way! Sophia will share suggestions and formulae from her grandparents and also from special; teas she has learned about in her travels around the world.


Everyone has a Holy Guardian Angel or Higher Self who watches over them and guides them throughout life. This is confirmed by every religion. The job of this Holy Guardian Angel is to help each of us find our own unique path or True Will. This Inner Self is the source or focus of all creative and psychic ability and so as our connection with this Inner Self increases, so does our life improve  in many ways. This lecture will outline some specific ways that anyone can use to increase communication with their Holy Guardian Angel as well as discussing several first-hand experiences Sophia has had.


Does anyone have enough money? I’m sure some people do, but the rest of you are invited to a workshop on money magick, money spells and money visualizations. If we deserve it and need it, the cash will come if we use the right techniques and energy. This workshop will show many different simple meditations and spells that are said to bring a rain of money down upon you. Will it work? Who can say, but many people swear by these simple techniques, visualizations and devices. This workshop will end with a big group money spell to enrich all the participants. There is power in numbers, so come and join us and think prosperity!


During years of giving reading to people from dozens of countries, Sophia again and again saw that many people were coming to her because they wanted to create but something was stopping or hindering them.  Using a mixture of psychic exercises and artistic “triggers,” anyone can effectively remove creative blocks and increase their general creativity, no matter what field they are in. This lecture will give specific exercises and practices that can make anyone more open and creative, some will be demonstrated during the lecture.


Reading coffee grounds has been a favorite method of divination among Middle Eastern fortunetellers for more than a thousand years. Similar to reading tea leaves, but with more dramatic and easily interpreted symbols, ground readings offer a quick and fascinating peak into the future that is ideally suited to today’s expresso charged world. Until now, in order to learn the secrets for turning a cup of coffee into a cup of ‘know’ you either had to be close friends with a neighborhood gypsy, or have spent your formative years hanging out in Middle Eastern coffee shops. With the rampant popularity of coffee coast to coast, everything needed to divine the future is readily at hand, all you need is a little ground coffee and a clean cup. With a little help from this class, anyone can transform a utilitarian piece of porcelain into an easy-to-read ‘crystal ball,’ interpreting the tell-tale shapes that are left behind when the coffee is gone. Readers will learn how to look for the angels, lightning bolts, pots of gold and future mates that lurk at the bottom of their morning Java.  So skip that daily horoscope – look instead to the bottom of your cup for today’s answers.


Dolls were originally powerful protectors and helpers, it is only recently that they have become simple playthings for children. Sophia has written several articles on sacred dolls and doll magick, come and hear about special doll magick from many different countries. Sophia will show you many examples of special magical dolls and you will hear some unusual tales! The session will end with a special doll ritual that will leave you with a special protector to help you and watch over you! Whether you are just curious or have a long-term fascination with dolls, you wont want to miss this!


Candle charms are as old as fire and candle spells can be found in almost every culture and country. From churches to shrines and temples, candles have been used to help gain everything from peace to money to love. Sophia, who recently explained one of her favorite candle spells for money on Northwest Afternoon, will lay out a selection of her favorite techniques using candles to gain what you want. Covered will be different colored and scented candles you can use, what they mean, how to ‘charge them’ and how to burn them to get a the best effect in your life. Bring a candle of the color you wish and learn how to really use it as a tool for fulfillment.


Everyone needs love, be it romantic love or simply the acceptance of friends and family. Our psychic and spiritual energy determines what we often receive in life. We can take control of this energy in many ways and, with simple exercises and ritual work, we can ‘tune in’ different vibes and so attract the love and acceptance we need in a more beneficial way. Through meditation, visualizations and ‘spells’ one can live a more fulfilling love filled life. Sophia has had  many years of reading people and through experience with issues of love, she has created a number of effective techniques for attracting love.


Sophia, a psychic who has just returned from Tokyo where she gave readings, returns with a new seminar she presented there to help everyone find their own unique psychic gift. Over 20 years of training and developing her own psychic abilities has taught Sophia that everyone is born with psychic abilities, but few learn how to develop them. Each person has a specific gift which is the expression of his or her own divine potential. This workshop will provide ideas, meditations and exercises that will lead each participant to discover his or her special psychic ability or gift. Sophia will then explain, using her experiences and lessons she has learned as examples, how everyone can help develop their psychic ability in their own way in their own time. Your psychic gift is your connection to the cosmos, come and discover what your inner Self can teach you about abilities you may never have realized you had before!


All of us need to make adjustments in our lives at times, and this often means ‘shedding our old skins’ and removing negative ideas, thoughts, energy and things that keep us from being the best we are. Want to remove health problems? Feel spooked or depressed for no reason? Tired of some people stealing your energy?  Banish! Banishing is an ancient idea that is used in many ways by people from shamans to psychics. It means to get rid of negative psychic energy, bad spirits and nasty spiritual vibes. This class will demonstrate many ways to banish and it will be divided into two days: Banishing the ills and negative energies from our bodies, and Banishing negative psychic and spiritual entities and energies from our living spaces. Everything from sweeping out the blues to psychic self defense will be discussed and demonstrated. You will be amazed at how the meditations, rituals and techniques taught in this class will clear up your life!


Everyone is born with the potential to be psychic, though our upbringing and schooling often suppresses this divine gift.  Many people today are discovering that they are indeed psychic and this class will show you how true this is. This class will provide specific and practical exercises that anyone can do to increase their psychic ability. It will also show what happens when people want to take the “next step” and become serious psychics themselves. Over a 2-night period you will progress from basic psychic exercises to actually taking readings from objects and, finally, from people. This class is a perfect introduction to psychic development for those who are interested in following this difficult but rewarding path.

Discovering  the Powers of Your Garden Plants

What may seem a simple garden to you is actually a magical temple filled with powerful spirit-plants that can be used in many ways to make your life happier and more prosperous! The trees, plants, flowers and vines around us have very ancient lore and wisdom attached to them. They have been used for centuries as tools for protection, money magic, healing charms and so much more. Come and learn dozens of easy to find plants that can be used in simple amulets and spells. The instructor, who has been studying the history of plants, their myths and their uses for many years, will demonstrate a number of magical uses for these green leafy allies.


Common herbs, the ones you grow in your window planter or buy at the supermarket, have tremendous power to change your life. Need love? Let basil show you how. Want to banish bad luck? All you need is some sage. In bad health? Rosemary can energize your whole body. There are many herbs that can be used as medicine, but few know how to use common herbs for energetic and psychic work. Come and learn how dozens of these simple herbs are really more amazing than you thought they were! Cook them, burn them, hang them, steep them, wrap them around candles, bathe in them! You will be surprised at the power they can have. Many easy examples will be given as well as specific directions on how to use them.


Self-help and personal-growth are two of the fastest growing and most lucrative fields in publishing today. This class will show you how to translate your own life experiences and expertise into articles and books for these popular markets. Find out how to recognize trends,locate resources for additional material and incorporate research into your work. Learn how to market your idea, write a query letter or book proposal, and effectively look for a publisher or literary agent. Sophia will show you what editors look for in the areas of self-improvement,spirtual growth, metaphysics, and other related topics, and help you develop a plan to get your idea into print. All levels of experience are welcome.

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