Personal History

Sophia is a professional hereditary psychic, astrologer, and spiritual teacher with more than 30 years of experience in the United States and Japan. From the age of three she learned Psychic Reading and other forms of divination from her grandparents in Aberdeen, WA. Sophia is also the author of twelve published books; some of which have been translated into eleven different languages. Sophia has had two long-running columns; Emerging Women (on women’s spirituality) in The New Times, and an astrology column in Japan in MiniWorld Magazine. Her workshops frequently combine key elements of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. Sophia has presented a number of times at the Book Expo of America in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angles as well as at the Latino Family Festival in Los Angeles (a number of her books are available in Spanish.) Sophia is also a frequent guest at Alternative Spirituality festivals such as Pantheacon. Many different people from a wide variety of groups, countries and backgrounds have attested to the power, accuracy and transformative intensity of her writing, her teaching and especially of her psychic consultations.


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