Professional Psychic Training

At: East West Bookshop
6407 12th ave Ne, Seattle, Wa 98115
Call to reserve a space:
206-523-3726 or 1-800-587-6002
Each class: 7-8:30pm, $20

Tuesday Night from . October 4th-November 29th

1st Class –October 4th – Psychic Gifts and Scrying: Everyone is born with psychic gifts, though our upbringing and schooling often suppresses this ability.In this first class, Sophia will get to know you and help you discover what YOUR natural psychic talents are. Using ‘The Sophia Deck’ you will get a mini-reading from her and learn what your personal psychic gifts are and how to start taping into them. We will get to know each other and we will also learn and practice the art of scrying to start the “tuning in” of your psychic ability!

2nd Class- October 11th– Banishing: Banishing means spiritual cleansing. All of us need to make positive adjustments in our lives at times, and this often means ‘shedding our old skins’ and removing negative ideas, thoughts, energy and things that keep us from being the best we are. You will be amazed at how the banishing meditations, rituals and techniques taught in this class will help you to clear up your life!

3rd Class –October 18th – Activating the Chakras (Body Energy Centers): The centers of energy on our body, called ‘chakras’, are the keys to all energy- work and psychic abilities that we want to use in our lives. When these centers become underutilized, unbalanced or blocked, then physical, mental or spiritual problems may arise. By becoming psychically aware of these centers of light, and the ‘body of light’ that surrounds us, we can channel psychic energy to and through them and so accomplish almost anything we want to do.

4th Class –October 25th – Increasing Your Practical Psychic Skills and Abilities: In this class you will learn and practice specific and practical psychic exercises that you can use immediately to help yourself and others gain important information and positive results. You will learn a number of techniques to increase your psychic abilities. You will progress from basic psychic exercises to actually taking psychic readings from objects and giving readings to your peers. Please bring a personal object to class to practice with.

October 28th – Connecting with Your Pet on the Other Side: Dogs, it is said in many traditions, can cross back and forth through the liminal world between life and death and your spirit dog can be of great help to you in your spiritual work as a helping ally if you deepen this relationship with love, respect, and equality.

5th Class –November 1st – Cartomancy: (Playing Card Divination) Sophia learned how to read playing cards from her grandparents when she was a child. Her book, ‘Fortune Telling with Playing Cards’ and her ‘Sophia Deck’ will be used in class. Long before they were used to play games, playing cards were used to read the past, present, and future. This easy how-to class demystifies the ancient art of Cartomancy. Come and learn how to tell fortunes quickly and easily for yourself and your friends right away!

6th Class –November 8th – Tarot Cards: Learn how about the history of Tarot cards and how to give psychic readings with them! We will cover the basic meaning of the tarot cards and you will learn to use a simple reading ‘spread’ right away. There are many types of Tarot decks; picking one that sings to you is a first step. Bring your Tarot deck to class and at the end of the evening you will be able to read with your own cards.

7th Class –November 15th – Astrology: Tonight we will learn the basics of astrology, signs, planets, houses, aspectsand the different kinds of astrology charts. You will learn the basics of how to interpret someone’s astrology chart. Bring your own natal astrology chart to class and we will explore how to better understand what the stars say about you, and the world around you.

November 19th – The Book of Dog Magic, Signing and Talk: Join us fellow dog-lovers to discover the hidden world of dog magic and bond with the spirit of your canine companion! Dogs have been part of things spiritual since they first scared away phantoms from Neanderthal campfires. Divine canines have been used for thousands of years to magically heal, protect people and develop psychic powers. Shamans, priests and magic makers throughout history have worked with dog-spirits, and powerful canine partners to accomplish their spiritual quests and workings, why shouldn’t you? Join us for a brief overview of Dog Magic throughout the ages followed by an actual Dog Empowering Spell for you and your dog to call upon your ‘guardian spirits’ and so become calmer, happier and more spiritually bonded.

8th Class –November 22nd – Other Psychic Divination Systems: Come and learn about a variety of other types of divination that might be right for you! For example, the oldest psychic system is the I Ching. You will learn how to use the I Ching for asking any question that you may have regarding any situation in your life. At the end of the evening you will be able to use the I Ching to better understand what the universe is telling you. Did you know your coffee or tea can tell your fortune? You will also be introduced to the art of reading coffee grounds and tealeaves, a divination system that Sophia’s grandparents taught her. If you want to practice this system, bring your favorite cup of coffee or tea to read the grounds or leaves. And we will also be trying other divination as the class wishes. Want to know something? Bring it to class. This will be an action packed evening of fun!

9th Class –November 29th – Last Class: Intensive Psychic Reading Practice & Graduation! This is our last evening of psychic skills practice and the wrap-up of our Psychic Development Course and, after some fun practice, it’s time for graduation! Bring your Tarot, I Ching coins or any other divination tool that resonate for you to class and with Sophia’s help, you will practice, refine and hone your skills! Because you will have finished the course, you will be able to be a psychic reader in the East West Bookshop psychic fair in September. Congrats! Note: Only students that are graduating are allowed to come, to this our special last class. Students are eligible to graduate if they have missed only one class or less of the course.


About the Instructor:

Sophia has been a professional psychic and intuitive reader for over three decades and was taught the psychic sciences by her grandfather and grandmother as a child. Sophia’s latest book is The Book of Dog Magic: Spells, Charms, and Tales. She is proficient at many different divination systems and her background as a teacher creates an instructional atmosphere that is active, understandable, practical and fun! There will also be plenty of time to practice with other students. Sophia is delighted to teach this special Wednesday night series at East West Bookstore where she is also an Intuitive reader and pet psychic every Wednesday.

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