Fortune in a Coffee Cup

Fortune in a Coffee Cup


Polish off the last of your morning java and what do you see? An empty cup streaked with coffee grounds — or images of angels, lightning bolts, and pots of gold? Sophia, who learned how to read coffee grounds from her gypsy-taught grandfather, reveals her secrets in this fun little book. Practice Sophia's simple techniques on your family and friends, and soon you will be able to tell complete strangers their fortunes in two minutes.

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Reading coffee grounds has been a favorite method of divination among
Middle Eastern fortunetellers for more than a thousand years. Ground
readings offer a quick and fascinating peak into the future that is ideally
suited to today’s espresso-charged world. Until now, in order to learn the
secrets for turning a ‘cup of joe’ into a cup of ‘know’ you either had to
be close friends with a neighborhood gypsy, or have spent your formative
years learning it from your grandparents, like Sophia did. With the rampant
popularity of coffee coast to coast, everything needed to divine the future
is readily at hand, all you need is a little ground coffee and a clean cup.
And this book, of course. Every cup holds the secret to the coffee
drinker’s future. Readers will learn how to look for the angels, lightning
bolts, pots of gold and future mates that lurk at the bottom of their
morning Java. An ideal gift book, Fortune in a Coffee Cup, is a natural
item for coffee shops, kitchen stores, espresso carts, new age retailers,
and traditional book sellers. Using the book’s clearly written explanations
anyone can learn to read coffee grounds. So skip that daily horoscope –
look instead to the bottom of your cup for today’s answers.

Press Quotes:

‘Our favorite coffee-grounds image: If your cup dregs are shaped like an elephant, this is the perfect time to ask your family or friends for a big favor.’ – The Seattle Times, by Kimberly Marlowe


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