Fortune Telling With Playing Cards

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards

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You already have a powerful fortune-telling tool in your own home- it's that familiar deck of playing cards you thought you knew so well! The deck of cards you used to play poker and solitaire with originated as a fortune-telling tool hundreds of years ago. Fortune Telling With Playing Cards offers a fun, up-to-date, accurate system based on that ancient art of card reading. This how-to guide makes it easy for young and old to accurately read the fortunes of family, friends and themselves using any regular deck of cards.

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In this book Sophia reveals the fortunetelling secrets passed down to her by four generations of card readers:
* The meaning of the suits, numbered cards and face cards.
* Four unique fortune-telling layouts:
– The Small Star, -The Wheel of Life, -The Grand Star, – The Master Spread
* Eight complete sample card readings that show you how to actually do readings!
The great thing about this book is that you can start doing readings as soon as you open the book, all the card meanings are there and all you need is that handy deck of playing cards. So, go to it!


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‘Read Fortunes, cast spells with deck of playing cards. This looks like a fun pastime and way to entertain your friendÉCard-reading advice from a Seattle spiritual teacher, psychic and contributor to The New Times newspaper. – Mail Tribune, Medford, OR

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    This is very useful ineedd. I’m stunned this information isn’t more widely available, however many thanks for your attention to it! This is probably the most comprehensive source I have found thus far, and it truly is quite helpful. Cheers

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