The Little Book of Hexes for Women

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Sophia is a professional psychic and spiritual teacher with more than twenty years of experience, both in the U.S. and abroad. Her publishing credits include Fortunetelling with Playing Cards, Sophia's Fortunetelling Kit, Fortune in a Coffee Cup, The Little Book of Hexes for Women, The Little Book of Love Spells, and The Little Book of Office Spells.

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‘Battle of the Hexes –Here are ways gals can beat ‘jerks’ spelled out Ladies, get back at all those nasty, ill-mannered jerks who make your life misery by casting a hex on them. Author Sophia tells you how in her spellbinding book.’ – Sun (National Tabloid)

‘Tap into your magic powers. These spells require no bubbling cauldron or eye of newt. Instead, they’re brewed with doses of wit and humor, and intended only to take the sting out of problems.’ – First for Women

‘Comebacks to the world’s oldest lines. But if he absolutely refuses to leave you alone, try this remedy from Sophia’s ‘Little Book of Hexes for Women.’ – The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC

‘Hex For Success: Serve Em Right! Sophia’s hex handbook covers many of the day-to-day basics, including ways to humble a posturing techno-snob.’ – Pacific Magazine, Seattle by Kimberly Marlowe (Planet Northwest Feature)


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