The Little Book of Love Spells


Professional psychic Sophia counsels modern women to let loose a flock of spells in order to either bring the man of their dreams to heel or push him away for a little breathing room. Lest you think these have been passed down through the centuries, we're talking about the “Kiss Me You Fool Spell,” the “Bad Date Cleansing Spell,” the “Spell to End an Office Romance,” and even the “Spell to Unite E-mail Lovers.” Well, why not? The New Age and the Electronic Age may usher in an Age of Everlasting Love. Try a spell or two and see.

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‘Pocket-size hardcover takes a fun look at ways to sharpen Cupid’s aim and to otherwise influence fate.’ – Citizen Tribune-Morristown, TN

‘This week we love: Sophia, Because she writes the Little Book of Hexes and offers hexes for women like the ‘Hex for People Who Leave You Waiting.’ Because she writes the Little Book of Love Spells. And especially because of the ‘Talk Dirty to Me Spell.’ Grrr.’ – The Seattle Weekly, Seattle, WA, This Week We Love Feature

‘Love Slaves and More: Some of the karma that needs adjusting may demand spells of the hearts-and-flowers variety, rather than hexes.’ – The Seattle Times Planet Northwest by Kimberly Marlowe

‘Most of Sophia’s hexes and spells are easy to do and use common items like pens, candles and various oils/spices. You don’t need to search for bat wings or use gross things like lizard guts or roach droppings.’ – The Honolulu Star-Bulletin by Michelle Ramos

‘Love spelled ‘l-o-v-e’, love spells are cast with the help of Sophia’s The Little Book of Love Spells.’ – The Associated Press

‘So you need something that packs more punch than a Hallmark card to snare your valentine? The book is packed with fun potions and spells.’ – The Boca Raton Magazine-Boca Raton, FL

‘Spell-bound: Would you believe a local connection to ‘Bride of Chucky,’ Universal Pictures box-office hit? The book sitting on the bedside table of Tiffany (the character played by Jennifer Tilly) is ‘ The Little Book of Love Spells ‘. – The Seattle Times & Post-Intelligencer) by Jean Goden


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