The Magical Garden

The Magical Garden


Whether you simply enjoy curious and entertaining tidbits from long ago when all gardeners believed in elves and sprites, or you take your magic seriously, every gardener (or potential gardener) will find this small whimsical book delightful and fascinating. This compact tome is  full of little charms, spells and bits of traditional and historical magical lore from and for gardens. What gardener would not want to know the flower that he or she was born under? Or an ancient charm to liven a garden party? How about the REAL magic behind 'deck the halls with boughs of holly' or the money-bringing power of Mint? Many of these bits of wisdom and magic have been handed down from Sophia's grandparents who extensively used herbs and such in their psychic work. Some of the information included here was collected from a wide variety of traditional sources by avid gardener and ancient historian Denny Sargent.

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Roman, Celt, French and Chinese gardeners all believed in garden magic and some of their most fascinating traditions, spells and charms are presented here. Some of the sections are:

• Spell to Get a Green Thumb

• The Love Garden

• Spell to Make the Sun Come Out

• The Lucky Garden

• Spell for Increased Strength

• The Garden of Long Life

• Spell to Avert Evil

• Flowers and Trees of the Twelve Months



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