The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment


Every woman could use a little supernatural assistance now and then. With help from renowned psychic Sophia, now you can do as the ancients did and summon the power of a goddess. Need money? Summon Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity. Want to advance your career? Call upon Athena, Greek patroness of career women. Having a run of bad luck? Invoke Fortune, Roman goddess of good luck and help in gambling. For every dilemma, there is a goddess who has the power you seek. Sophia brings the power of the ancients to you in this fun guide designed to help you get what you want out of life. Sophia describes each goddess in detail, listing her sacred color, symbol, element, stone, and scent. She offers a fascinating history of each goddess and her traits, including how she has been worshipped throughout history. Decide which goddess you need, then perform an invocation to summon her powers. Through a visualization exercise, you will “meet” the goddess in a dream. Finally, spells and empowerment charms help you “become” the goddess and bring her aspects into everyday life. With the wisdom of Athena, the prosperity of Lakshmi, and the luck of Fortuna, you can't lose!

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* Hardcover: 400 pages
* Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing; (April 2, 2003)


Author Appearences & Information from Sophia:

“I am now available for Goddess Empowerment speaking engagements, workshops and book signings.  I am also available for private readings and for events and would enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with others. I live in Seattle with my family and garden. When I am not writing, I give private Goddess Empowerments and psychic and astrology readings in my Yurt.

I am a hereditary psychic, and my grandparents taught me the ways of the family trade. I am the fourth generation from a long line of tea leaf readers, mediums and fortune tellers. As such, I am a best selling author of eleven books. These all culminate in my new book: The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment. I have been featured in The New York Times,  Cosmopolitan Magazine, and First for Woman. One of my titles, The Little Book of Love Spells made it to Hollywood, where it “Starred” in the movie Bride of Chuckie. My lectures are always fun, entertaining, and informative. My Empowerments…they are divine!The ancient primal goddess lies beneath and within us all, just waiting to be released to help us get more out of what we deserve out of life.

In The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment I re-introduce twenty-five different Goddesses to the modern world. Each Goddess chapter is illuminated with step by step instructions to make anyone a living goddess. Become the Goddess you need, desire or identify with: From Artemis, The Greek Goddess of the moon to Yakshi, the primal Mother of the forest.. In this hip fun book you are sure to find a goddess that you will personally resonate with.

In my lectures and workshops I show all exactly how to make this connection.
The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment is sure to please and inspire those who are familiar with the Goddess in any of her infinite forms and enlighten those who want to experience the power of the Goddess (any Goddess!) for the first time. Let me be your tour guide to the many aspects of the Goddess!

For speaking engagements or Goddess Empowerments I sometimes start with a group meditation where we determine the Goddess Aspect that the group needs to manifest. I also do specifically requested Goddess Empowerments as well. If no particular Goddess is requested or is called for, I often do an Empowerment invoking the Tibetan healing Goddess Tara, or Kwan Yin the Chinese Goddess of peace.

Goddess Empowerments are a joyful audience experience. I clearly show what you need to make a successful connection to each Goddess: The right color candle, image, scent, and stone can make all the difference in an intense empowerment. Next, I introduce the history of that Goddess and then chant an invocation to call the goddess to our world, a cosmic invitation for her to visit. After that I lead all in a powerful visualization adventure exercise.  The participants meet the during this restful meditation. Finally I perform the Goddess Empowerment, to bring the goddess attributes through to each person with power and clarity. If I do the Tara empowerment, for example, then we would all feel healing energy through our selves and pass it on to others. If we do the Kwan yin empowerment, then we should feel great inner peace that we can help influence others with our peaceful nature. All the Goddesses bring other very real gifts, depending on whom you call. I always finish with a question and answers period,  a book signing.

This format is, of course flexible and open depending on requests and possibilities!”

Press Quotes:

‘Goddess Gifts! Whether it’s babies, beauty, or wealth you fancy, find a deity who delivers in The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment by professional psychic Sophia.’ – Playgirl Magazine, New York, NY

‘Popular psychic and astrologer Sophia, describes each of the 25 powerful goddesses in detail, listing their sacred color, symbol, element, stone and scent. Sophia offers a fascinating history of each including how the goddess has been worshipped throughout history.’ – The Staten Island Advance, Staten Island, NY

‘Required reading: Sophia offers detailed instructions for summoning such goddesses as Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of wealth. She offers instructions for what to wear, what to visualize and what incantation you should recite to summon the power of the goddess afar.’ – The Pensacola News Journal, Pensacola, Fl by Amie Streater

‘Empower your mind, empower your body-empower both. The Ultimate Guide to Goddess Empowerment by professional psychic Sophia explains how to call on certain goddesses from various traditions to further your modern lifestyle.’ -Web Clip from Infodad.com TransCenturury Communication Inc, By Leah Stauffer

‘Need More Luck? Love? Money? Protection? Find out how to get what you need.’ -Radio-TV Interview Report

‘And, now for the book that’s a little more out there. Sophia, a psychic and astrologer, teaches readers how to summon the powers of various goddesses.’ -The Advocate Newspaper Baton Rouge, LA- By Laurie Smith Anderson

‘The Psychic promises success, love, and abundance.’ -Publishers Weekly. Spring/Summer Religion Books


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