Looking for a healing goddess? Tara is the Best! Whether you are talking
about mental, Physical or Spiritual Healing, Tara will assist you- she is
the ultimate goddess of mercy, help and healing! Yea Tara!

Tara is a supremely important Goddess in Tibetan Buddhism and as
a part of this Buddhist pantheon, she represents the compassion or manifest
mercy of Buddha towards all living things. Yet Tara far pre-dates Buddhism,
and her ancient lineage is as one of the greatest and most revered mother
Goddesses on the earth. Her name means ‘star’ or, in another translation,
‘to cross over’; Both of these names have tremendous symbolic meaning, but
the latter is more relevant to the Buddhist ideal of Tara. In this sense
she is called the savioress or protector of all living things. It is said
that one in peril has but to utter her name to be saved by the swift and
merciful intervention of the Goddess.


According to tantrik lore, she especially helps one avoid the traditional 8
dangers as outlined in Buddhist teachings: pride, delusion, anger, envy,
wrong views, attachment, avarice, and doubt. She is also said to help
those who have karmic difficulties in cutting free from them and achieving
enlightenment quickly. She is often shown bare-breasted, seated upon a full
open lotus, her right foot reaching down to touch and bless the earth, her
right hand held in blessing, and both hands holding blooming lotuses. The most
common form of Tara is that of green Tara, a beautiful green maiden-Goddess,
seated as described, often surrounded by tantrik saints or other aspects of the
Goddess, with a background of trees, mountains and living green things.. She
is often invoked for clarity, wisdom and especially for healing.

Across most of Asia, Tara reigns supreme as the great loving
mother, the ultimate divine feminine healer. As such she is called MahaTara,
great Tara. As the benevolent Goddess of healing, helping, rescuing and
shining forth, Tara is called upon to heal the planet and to heal all beings
who are injured or in pain.

May we invoke her with a compassionate spirit, may she flow
through us all to heal ourselves and others, may we mirror her compassion
and awake to the many ways we can help and heal in our everyday lives. Here
supreme mantra and invocation is this:
Om tare tuttare ture soha! (pronounced: Om Ta Reh Tu Ta Reh Tur Reh So Ha)

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